Grilled & pressed banana with butterscotch sauce กล้วยปิ้งกับซอสบัทเตอร์สกอช


I remember when I was young my family never bought bananas. We grew our own bananas in the farm. This was a wonderful decision, as we could use every part of the banana. Uses included the banana leaf for wrapping food, along with eating both the banana flower and the heart of the banana tree. I grew up with so many different ways of eating bananas, and below is just one of them.
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My Christmas cooking experience

Over the Christmas long holiday I visited my parents in-law. They live in a country town in the middle of New South Wales. My mother in-law kindly let me use her kitchen, and I happily cooked for them. Cooking outside my kitchen is always a bit challenging for me, particularly cooking at my in-laws home which has limited Asian ingredients. Here are some foods I created for them during this holiday time.

Having brought along some Asian ingredients, the first dish I cooked for them was stir fried chicken with chilli jam. Using an easy method I just fried some onion with oil then added chilli jam and stir fried until fragrant. I then added the chicken and seasoning with fish sauce and oyster sauce. At the end I added spring onion and turned the heat off. I garnished with spring onion and sliced chilli before serving along with jasmine rice.


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Prawns Pad Thai ผัดไทยกุ้งสด


Talking about Thai food, most foreigners might think of Pad Thai, Pad Thai is famous all around the world and it is popular among Thais too. Pad Thai is also a perfect vegetarian dish, just omit meat and substitute soy sauce for fish sauce. Here is Charinya’s version of Pad Thai

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Pad Mee



The popular Thai menu that is known around the world is called Pad Thai. Most of you will probably know it, by eating it or maybe even cooking it. Pad Mee is slightly different. The term “Pad” in Thai language means stir-fry. “Mee” is a a very thin, round noodle. Many people including me like to pair this dish with Som Tum (Papaya Salad). I thank you to my friend P’ Soraya who has shared this recipe to me. As she came from Southern Thailand this dish will be called “Pad Mee – southern style”.

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