Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut Soup)

As you know, among Thailand’s most popular soups is Tom yum soup. While I have posted the Tom yum recipe before, in this post I would like to introduce you to the twin dish of Tom yum soup, Tom Kha.

Tom Kha translates as soup with galangal. The ingredients are pretty much the same as Tom Yum soup except Tom kha has coconut milk as the soup base.

Tom kha can also use different types of protein, but the most popular is chicken “Gai” which will feature in the recipe I will share with you today.

Let’s talk about some of the ingredients.

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Meing moo sam chan: Boiled pork belly salad wrap with peanut dipping sauce

I love cooking the produce harvested from my own garden; it just creates a double happiness.
As soon as I saw lettuce, coriander and mints in my garden, one dish that suddenly came up in my head was ‘Meing pla pao’ which is grilled fish wrap in salad and peanut dipping sauce.
Here is a picture of the dish I cooked and ate with my family back in Thailand many years ago.

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Red curry sausage rolls

I think many of you may search for recipes for finger food to share among friends and family. This may be for morning or afternoon tea, for a party in the backyard or Christmas pot luck party. Here is a food I like to bring and people seem to really enjoy. The dish is a little twist on a classic Thai dish, red curry.
So please let me share with you my Thai red curry sausage rolls. Sausage rolls are a favourite party food, and adding red curry paste gives it a slight kick. I’m sure your guests and whoever you cook this for will really enjoy these special sausage rolls.

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Minced Prawns and Pork in Coconut Milk

When I think about recipes to share with you guys for the Lion brand blog post I always want to keep them as simple and as authentic as possible. My idea is that this gives you the best chance (and incentive!) to follow the recipe and make it yourself at home.

For a while now I have been sharing popular classic recipes like Pad Thai, Tom yum and Crying tiger which I believe many of you would have heard of and be familiar with. This time let’s talk about something different but still simple. I would like to show you how to make “Lone” (หลน).

Lone is a dish from the centre of Thailand, The dish is usually categorised as a dip, but is often served as a main dish alongside fresh vegetables such as long bean (snake beans), cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, young ginger etc.

The taste is led by sour follow by saltiness and sweetness. The coconut milk in the dish is what makes it distinctively creamy.

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Crying Tiger

I bet many of you will arch your eyebrows when you see “crying tiger” on the menu at Thai restaurant. Do you know what crying tiger is? Why does the tiger cry?
Crying tiger (Sua Rong Hai: เสือร้องไห้) is an Isaan beer snack that is famous though out Thailand and now worldwide. The dish is sliced grilled beef served alongside dried chilli, tamarind dipping sauce (Nam jim jeaw) and sticky rice.

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Fermented Fish Dip: Pla Rah Sub


How can I call myself an Isaan kid if I do not blog about one of the most significant ingredients in Isaan cooking? Some of you might already know what I’m talking about. If not, I will give you more hints. This ingredient is made from fish and is famous for its smell.
I am talking about fermented fish, known as pla rah in Thai and pa daek in Lao.

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