My Christmas cooking experience

Over the Christmas long holiday I visited my parents in-law. They live in a country town in the middle of New South Wales. My mother in-law kindly let me use her kitchen, and I happily cooked for them. Cooking outside my kitchen is always a bit challenging for me, particularly cooking at my in-laws home which has limited Asian ingredients. Here are some foods I created for them during this holiday time.

Having brought along some Asian ingredients, the first dish I cooked for them was stir fried chicken with chilli jam. Using an easy method I just fried some onion with oil then added chilli jam and stir fried until fragrant. I then added the chicken and seasoning with fish sauce and oyster sauce. At the end I added spring onion and turned the heat off. I garnished with spring onion and sliced chilli before serving along with jasmine rice.


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