Kow clook kapi ข้าวคลุกกะปิ


The dish I want to share with you this time is called “Kow clook kapi”, which is fried rice with shrimp paste and other elements such as cucumber, sliced fried egg, caramelised pork and Chinese sausages. In addition, there is sliced green mango, chopped green bean, onion, chopped chilli, fried dried shrimp and a wedge of lime. It has to be among my favourite dishes,
although I do have many of them!

The appeal of this dish is its many elements which, when brought together, provide a terrific combination of tastes. It isn’t so difficult to cook, but the preparation takes more time than I’d like. In Thailand it can be enjoyed throughout the day, with lunch the preferred option for many. Followers who have visited Bangkok may even have seen this dish being sold in plastic containers and taken back to offices, a scene replicated tens of thousands of times across the city every day. Of course the drink that goes with it is icy cold water. Perfect! The video on how to arrange the plate follows below, along with some pictures. I hope you like them.



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