Mini mango pavlova with raspberry sauce topped with pistachios


When I first came to Australia I met some Thai friends who invited me to join a free English class with them. The class studied in a church in the morning with a volunteer teacher who instructed us about English. My favourite time was before lunch time when we learnt cooking with another volunteer teacher. The class combined learning English with the ingredients and the method of cooking. Together we then cooked and ate the food. I collected and kept the notes from that class and still use many of the recipes. Here is one I often use.

Pavlova recipe (serves 6)

• 3 egg whites
• 3/4 cup castor sugar
• 1 teasp corn flour
• 3/4 teasp white vinegar


•300 ml cream (whipped) and fresh fruits of your choice


1. Cover tray with glad bake and turn oven on at 150c•

2. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form, and gradually add sugar. Gently fold in corn flour and vinegar.

3. Spoon into circles with an edge around it. Bake in the oven for 45 min until crisp and dry. Cool on a tray and fill the centre with whipped cream and fresh fruits.



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