The cooking explorer


I know I like to cook more than write. This is why I haven’t updated my blog for a while, but I have cooked a lot of dishes.
After nearly 9 years of living in Australia, which is a multicultural society, I have cooked and eaten many different cuisines.
The first dish I would like to present is the Malaysian national dish “Nasi Lemak”. This is the dish I always order when I’m at Malaysian restaurant or in Singapore. There are many elements in this dish, including coconut rice, beef rendang curry, deep fried dried anchovies, peanut, boiled eggs and sambal (chilli sauce) I like this dish because the mix of elements on the plate make it feel like you are having a banquet, not just one dish.


The second dish is Korean. I often have Korean food at the restaurant. A remarkable feature of Korean food is that it comes with a variety of side dishes. This is one of the side dishes I cooked in my kitchen. “Cucumber kimji” is a mix of cucumber with Korean red chilli powder, garlic chives, bean sprouts and sesame seeds. This can make a normal meal much more special.

Italian. I do not know much about Italian food but the food that I often cook is pizza and pasta. I usually make my own pizza dough but I have never tried making my own pasta before.



French. I like French bakery products.I used to be crazy about macaroons, and at different stages have loved breads such as Brioches



The experience of tasting different cuisines and trying to cook them gives me a lot to learn. This exploration will never end and will alway be interesting for me.


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