Thai town, Sydney

On every Sydney trip there is always a place I must visit and that is Thai town! Thai Town is located in Haymarket around Campbell Street/Pitt Street, to the east of George Street. To the west of George Street lies Sydney’s Chinatown. The area has a Thai vibe as it consists of Thai grocery shops Thai video stores, Thai massage shops, training businesses and, of course, so many Thai restaurants.

Each restaurant does a good job providing authentic tastes. I can’t really tell you which are better as it depends on what you like. Some shops might make a better Pad Thai but their somtum might not be as good as the others.

Here are some of my activities from my recent day trip to Sydney Thai town.
Among my favourite restaurants is Do Dee Paidang, just to the side of Paddy’s Market. The perpetual queue of Thais outside is always a hint to the quality of food on offer, and Do Dee is no exception.

My favourite from Do Dee is tom yum noodles soup with which you can select the level of heat as you prefer.

After filling my stomach with yummy food I went for a walk to do grocery shopping. As I mentioned before, I can’t walk past an Asian grocery shop without stopping. Here in Thai town it is just like heaven for Thai groceries. There is pretty much everything I need for my Thai cooking from fresh exotic vegetables, dried, frozen ingredients and premade meals. My must stop shops are Jarern Chai, Pontip and Lucky Thai.

Even though I’m not a sweet tooth, I can’t resist stopping for some dessert from Thanon Khao San shop. Does the name sound familiar to you? Thanon Khao San is the most famous street in Thailand among tourists. The shop even created the sign that imitates the street sign in Thailand.

Let have a break from food and have a look at Cherry sydney in the Chinatown area. The shop sells placenta cream which is so popular among Thai people. Most Thai tourists or Thais who live in Australia and are traveling back to Thailand seem to come this shop to buy some placenta cream as a gift from Australia. If you are famous enough you will get to take a photo with the shop owner  and the picture will placed around the shop. There are so many famous Thai people who were here, and even some who are so famous that I do not even know who they are.

Now back to the food before heading home to Canberra. I chose to eat at Boon Café as I have been there before and loved their food. There are so many good foods on the menu, so if you want to try the dishes come with a lot of friends so you can share different dishes.

There are more places, activities and restaurants to visit in Thai town like Chat Thai, Yok yor, At Bangkok Restaurant, Spice I Am, Home Thai Restaurant, Caysorn Thai etc. Some I have been to and their food is good, however as it is a day trip I can’t eat everything or visit every restaurant. Maybe another time. Would you like to come with me?.

5 thoughts on “Thai town, Sydney

  1. Great post. So true that you can’t really recommend any particular restaurant as they will all have dishes they do well and some not so well. My favourite all rounder is Siam House. They do the best bamboo salad (sup nor mai) and do good various gaang om including catfish.
    Another place worth mentioning is Caysorn, which specializes in Southern Thai food. They also do other regional dishes and are one of the few places you can get khao kluk kapi.
    Thai town keeps growing all the time so there’s always new places popping up.

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