Crispy Garlic Chive Cake

I was thinking what I should share with you this time, and when I saw beautiful garlic chives in my garden I came up with an idea.
The dish I will share is kanom gui chai todd which is Fried crisp and chewy garlic chive cake accompanied by sweet & sour dipping sauce. This recipe is so easy and can be made ahead of time. The recipe for the garlic chives is from my Thai foodie friend translated from the original in Thai language. I have tried it many times and love having it with my secret sauce. The pairing works so well together so I would like to share it with you.

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Steamed tofu with soy sauce and garlic dressing

Steamed tofu with soy sauce and garlic dressing. If you want a break from meat, this dish will be just perfect! You can also adapt the recipe to make it vegetarian. I used the recipe from @chinasichuanfood and adjusted some ingredients.

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Stir fried green beans with Sichuan peppercorns ถั่วแขกผัดพริกเสฉวน


Thai meals always include a vegetable dish, either stir fried or just raw vegetables. I love vegetable dishes, particularly stir fried. This stir fried green bean with dried chilli and Sichuan peppercorns is a distinctly Chinese dish but is seen a lot in Thailand as there are many Thai Chinese and the two cultures frequently blend. This recipe was inspired by one of the food bloggers I’m following. The dish is so simple and I bet you will love it.

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