Home made Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings) เกี๊ยวซ่า


With spring well and truly started I like to broaden my cooking to encompass recipes that cater for friends and family in the great outdoors. Here is favourite that works wonders both at lunch and as a dinner entree.

Ingredients  (makes 24 dumplings)

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Grilled Squid with Soy Sauce หมึกย่างซีอิ้ว


Summer is one of my favourite seasons. Here in Australia it is dry and hot, but add humidity and I’m reminded of home in rural Thailand. One dish I always enjoyed in summer was “Grilled squid with soy sauce”
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Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo) บั่นแซว


Vietnamese food is my second favourite cuisine (of course the first is Thai).

Thai food and Vietnamese food have many similarities, including using a lot of chilli and fish sauce. The taste balances sweetness, sour, saltiness and spicy. There are many Vietnamese foods that have been popular in Thailand since long ago and Thai people have adapted them to their way. This Vietnamese pancake is the Thai version.
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