My curries

Talking about Thai food, I bet that many people will think about curry before other dishes. I’m not a big fan of curry, mostly I make it for others.

Here are the curries that I have made in my kitchen! I haven’t put up the recipe at this stage but I will do it for sure.

The first dish is “Mussaman Beef”. This famous Thai curry is rich and full of flavour. It is a Thai Muslim food that has become the most famous Thai food ahead of “Pad Thai”.
I like to cook this dish when I get western visitors, they really love it. The best result is to cook it a day ahead.


The second dish is “Chicken with pineapple yellow curry”. If you love pineapple I bet you will love this dish. In Thai cuisine there are many menus that use fruit in the savoury dishes. The taste of sweet and sour from pineapple makes the dish very interesting.

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Thai Southern style fried chicken ไก่ทอดหาดใหญ่



This very well known dish is called “Kai Tod Hard Yai” ไก่ทอดหาดใหญ่ by Thai people. The chicken is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and you can taste the marinaded herbs deep inside next to the bone. Very succulent! This dish is often served topped with fried onions. The recipe is shared by my friend “Penny”, who is a real Southern Thai girl. I thanks her for the beautiful and yummy recipe.
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Poached free range chicken in fish sauce ไก่บ้านต้มน้ำปลา


This dish is a Thai version of soya chicken that is commonly found in Chinese cuisine. In Thai cuisine we use a lot of fish sauce in nearly every dish, and poached free range chicken in fish sauce (Kai Tom Num Pla)ไก่บ้านต้มน้ำปลา is a very popular dish. The dish is not difficult to make, it just needs a bit of time. This was my first time creating it but the result was very good.

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Grilled Chicken (Kai Yang) ไก่ย่าง


Grilled chicken Thai style, or as we call it in Thai language, Kai Yang ไก่ย่าง. This dish you will see both as street food as well as in good restaurants. It is often paired with papaya salad (som tum) and sticky rice (khaw-niow). It is also eaten with raw vegetables, and often dipped in spicy sauces. I got this recipe from the Kruaklaibann website ( This website is where all the Thai people who live overseas share their cooking. The recipe comes from Khao Suan Kwang (ไก่ย่างเขาสวนกวาง) a district in Northeastern Thailand where they have a really good reputation for doing grilled chicken.

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