My interview with Lion Brand

I had an interview with Lion brand, whose products include Thai jasmine rice and Asian food supplies. Here is the interview

“Guest Blogger: An Interview with Charinya Ruecha of @charinyas_kitchen

Want to learn Thai cooking? Charinya has been creating fantastic cooking videos on her IG feed. We are lucky to have her guest blog for us this month!



“Put love and happiness in your dishes. Every dish I make, I make it with love” – Charinya

Lion Brand Rice: Tell us a little about yourself and your background
Charinya Ruecha: I was born and raised in the Northeast of Thailand, the region known as Issan.
I am a farmer’s daughter, the second child of four siblings. Our parents had to work hard in the field so we had to learn how to look after ourselves and to help in the house since we were young. I love to help in the kitchen, and maybe this was the start of my cooking journey.
Later in life I left home to study and work in Bangkok, the classic story of a country girl who moves to a busy city. When I was in Bangkok it was cheaper and more convenient to buy food so I did not cook much until I moved to Australia.
LBR: How did you end up in Canberra?
CR: If I said I followed my heart it might sound a bit dramatic but that is the truth. I met my husband and moved to Australia with him. Moving was a big life change for me as I always considered myself a shy and not very brave person. I had never travelled overseas before I met him and didn’t know much about Australia, but it was the best decision I ever made. I have been living in Canberra for nearly 12 years and it is my second home now.

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Love it or hate it

There are some kinds of Thai food that are completely adored only by Thai people. Like Australians love Vegemite, you can count on one hand how many non-Australians will share that affection.

I just want to introduce some of the Thai foods that I love to cook for myself, but not for others. I do not post any recipe with this, but feel free to request a menu,

The first dish is called “Kaw Clook Ka Pi” which translates to rice mixed with shrimp paste. Shrimp paste, or as we call it “Ka Pi” in Thai, is a common ingredient used in Southeast Asian and Southern Chinese cuisine. It is made from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt. In Thailand shrimp paste is an essential ingredient in many types of spicy dips or sauces and in all Thai curry pastes. Shrimp paste has a pungent aroma, which is why it not a favourite for many people.


Kaw Clook Ka Pi has many elements in this dish, namely

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