Grilled prawns with nam jim

A tasty grilled  prawns cooked on the barbecue or  a fry pan  and served with nam jim seafood a spicy sour seafood dipping Thai style.

Ingredients for dipping
Green&red chillies
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Stir fried octopus with chilli basil

The weather is getting warmer here so I love to cook outside my home more. I made my (not so) secret stir fry sauce which is very convenient to use outside and saves me carrying 4-5 bottles of sauce outside and back. I will share the recipe below. Happy spring Australia.

Please enjoy the cooking video.

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Grilled chicken breast with panang curry

Grilled chicken breast with panang curry sauce served with brown rice and quinoa.
Panang curry paste is red curry paste with extra ingredients like cumin seed and coriander seeds. The panang curry paste tends to be less liquid than red or green curry.

Please enjoy the video how to make it. Continue reading “Grilled chicken breast with panang curry”

Krong Krang Nam Kati

Thai dessert “Krong krang nam kati”, aka tapioca and rice flour dumpling (shaped like gnocchi) in sweet coconut milk. Last time I made this dessert with my mum in Thailand, and there were many Instagram friends requesting the video. Here it is, however this time I didn’t add any colours to it. (If you choose to use colours just add a few drops in hot water)

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Homemade satay prawns

Homemade satay prawns served with peanuts dipping sauce and Ar-jard (cucumber, onion and red chilli in vinegar)

Peanuts sauce Ingredients 
3 tbsp mussaman curry paste
1/2 cup coconut cream
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp peanuts butter
1 tbsp Fish sauce, to taste
1/2 tbsp tamarind paste
1/4 crushed peanuts
Palm Sugar Continue reading “Homemade satay prawns”