Guest blogger:Sujita Maharjan

Hello, my name is Suzie and I am currently living in Sydney but was born and grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal. This city is rich in vibrant culture heritage and food of course.

Well, talking about my cooking passion, it’s been few years I started preparing different recipes at home. One the reason behind my interest in cooking is my husband appreciates my effort in cooking and enjoy them trying it out. I don’t have separate social media portal or blog where I share food recipes and pictures but I have shared food pics in my personal Facebook page and lots of friends and family dropped positive comments.

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Guest blogger: Yen from My Delectable Kitchen

It is my honor to welcome one of my favorite foodie on Instagram as my guest blogger, Yen from My Delectable Kitchen. My Delectable Kitchen is full of delicious foods, simple recipes to follow and her photos are just amazing. Let’s have a chat with Yen and try her easy chicken dish. Sticky Orange & Honey Drumsticks – Charinya

Hi Everyone,
I’m Yen and I’ll be your Guest Blogger today
Before I start I’d like to thank Charinya for this wonderful opportunity, I was so honoured when she asked me to guest blog for her. I have been following Charinya ever since I joined Instagram, she’s an amazing home cook and such a lovely friend whom I hope to meet in person one day.
Let’s get to it!

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Guest blogger: Suphaluck Ongcharoen

“My happiness is being in the kitchen in my free time” said my guest, Supaluck Ongcharoen (Jum).
Please join me in welcoming my first ever guest blogger who has similar life experiences to mine. Born and raised in Thailand, she is an expat in Australia and, most importantly, shares a passion for food and cooking.
Let have a chat and try her chicken mussaman curry recipe – Charinya

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