Yum Sen Mee

At this difficult time for so many people around the world I may be unable to help much, but if you need help with Thai food recipes or Thai food you can make from the ingredients you have then feel free to contact me. I will try my best to get back to you with some ideas.
Good luck to everyone and stay safe.

The recipe I am about to share is called ‘Yum sen mee plara’ also known as thin rice noodles salad with anchovies sauce. I have mentioned before that plarah, or anchovies sauce, has been a key condiment in Isaan food for a long time.

I don’t know the reason, but recently adding  plara to salad has become very popular around Thailand.

Examples include the popular dishes yum moo yor kai kem plarah (Vietnamese ham , salted egg York with anchovies sauce) which  is now available in so many salad shops and food carts.

Today I use sen mee (thin rice vermicelli noodle). Sen mee can be used in soup, as a stir fry, and in salad.

Let’s get cooking.


100g Dried Wai Wai rice vermicelli noodles

10 Green prawns, peeled and divined

4-5 Snake beans (long beans)

4-5 Red chilli

1 Spring onion

1 Shallot

1 Coriander

1 tbsp. mint leaves

2 tbsp Anchovies sauce  (I used 1.5 tbsp Nangfah brand plus 1/2 tbsp water)  

½ tbsp Fish sauce

½ tbsp Palm sugar

2 tbsp lime juice

Ground chilli as preferred

Pork crackling or prawn crackers to serve.


1. Soak the noodles in room temperature water for 10 mins.

2. Chop snake beans, chilli, shallot, spring onion and coriander.

3. Bring the water to boil and blanch the noodles and cook the prawns.

4. In a mixing bowl add anchovies sauce, fish sauce, palm sugar, red chilli, chopped snake beans, shallot and mix well.

5. Add noodles and prawns. Gently mix and add chopped spring onion, coriander and mint leaves.

6. Serve with pork cracking or prawn crackers.


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