Krong Krang Nam Kati

Thai dessert “Krong krang nam kati”, aka tapioca and rice flour dumpling (shaped like gnocchi) in sweet coconut milk. Last time I made this dessert with my mum in Thailand, and there were many Instagram friends requesting the video. Here it is, however this time I didn’t add any colours to it. (If you choose to use colours just add a few drops in hot water)

1. I brought the yellow mould from Thailand with me. If you would like one I have a few at $5 each. For people living in Canberra we can avoid postage costs, but if you live outside Canberra and are willing to pay for the postage I’m happy to send it.
2. You can use the back of a fork if you don’t have the mould.
3. See my new brass wok bought from Chatuchak weekend market in Thailand all the way to Australia. It looks so good, doesn’t it?
Hope you enjoy the video.


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