Steamed Tilapia Fish

Steamed tilapia with vegetables and chilli & tomato relish is among my favourite fish dishes. The greater the variety of accompanying vegetables you can find the better. This dish is particularly good with sticky rice.

Fish was the protein that we had more than anything else in my family. Mostly we had freshwater fish, and Tilapia was among the most common.

Steamed tilapia is very easy. Just start by cleaning the fish and scoring both sides. Rub the fish with salt and stuff with lemongrass and kafir lime leaves. Steam the fish for around 10 mins depending on the size of the fish. Use this time to make the chilli & tomato relish.


1. I roasted my chillies, garlic and shallots in an airfryer, but you can use the fry pan or grill on charcoal.

2. If you use MSG with your cooking you can add in the chilli & tomato relish.


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