Chinese roasted duck เป็ดอบแบบจีน


Every time I go to a Chinese BBQ restaurant the roasted duck with rice is always my first choice. This was the very first time I made it myself. If you want to try cooking it here is the recipe.

1 whole duck, butterflied
1 jar (240g) of Lee Kum Kee “Char Sui sauce”
1 tbsp of grated ginger
1 tbsp of garlic powder or minced garlic
4 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine
1/2 tbsp of seasoning powder (stock powder)
A little bit of salt & pepper

• Combine all ingredients, including duck, in a big, deep tray to marinate overnight.
• The next day roast the duck in the oven on a very low heat for 1.5-2 hr. Use the marinade to brush the duck every 1/2 hr. I set the temperature at 150c• and roasted it for 1 hour 45 min.
• Bring the remaining marinade to the boil and serve as a side sauce.



Serve the duck with rice and steamed vegetables.




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