Thai chilli jam (Nam prick pao) น้ำพริกเผา


This is something that many Thai people, including me, like to have in the fridge. The chilli jam can go alongside many dishes to add hot flavour. I love to have it with some steamed vegetables, boiled egg or fried fish. The recipe here is just a guide, as Thai cuisine requires tasting while cooking and adjusting to your preference is more important than measurement.


• Dried chilli. I use 60% big dried chilli, which is not a hot chilli but will give the desired texture. 40% dried small chilli will give the hot flavour. You can increase or decrease the two types of chilli the way you like.
• Dried shrimp equal to about 40% of total chilli
• Eshallots, sliced to equal around 50% of the total chilli
• Garlic sliced around 40% of the total chilli



• Fish sauce, to taste
• Palm sugar, to taste
• Tamarind pulp soaked in hot water, (use both pule and juice to taste)
• Shrimp paste, around 1/2 tbsp or less


1. Roast the ingredients individually in a pan or wok. I use an air fryer. Be careful the chilli will burn so quickly, while the garlic and eshallot take longer.
2. Blend all the roasted ingredients in the food processor until it it is evenly lumpy
3. In a wok add oil generously and set in low heat.
4. Fry the chilli in the wok until fragrant.
5. Add seasoning, starting with a little bit and tasting it before adding more. Add water or oil if it is too dry.
6. When the chilli jam is slightly darker then turn the heat off and let it cool before serving or keep in the container and leave in the fridge.


Below is the photo of chilli jam served with fried fish and steamed vegetables.




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