Agedachi Tofu


As much as I like cooking, going out and experiencing new cuisine is another thing I love to do. When I go to a Japanese restaurant I love to order the dish call agedachi tofu. Agedashi tofu is a traditional Japanese tofu dish, which is deep fried and served with dashi-based sauce.
I thought I might try to make this. I tried to find a recipe for this dish and ended up getting this recipe from the “just one cook book” website, and of course adapted it to my way:-)
I’m happy with the result, which tastes just like what I got from the restaurant. There are not too many ingredients and it is easy to prepare.


1 packet of regular tofu (Momen Tofu)

Corn starch

Oil for deep frying

1 spring onion

Packet of dried and sliced seaweed

For the sauce:

1 cup dashi stock

2 tbsp. soy sauce

2 tbsp. mirin


>> Drain the tofu and cut the block into 6-8 pieces, then coat with corn starch and deep fry until golden.

>>Make the sauce by combining the ingredients in a small saucepan then bring them to boil.

>>To serve, put the tofu into a bowl, top with sauce then chopped spring onions and sliced seaweed.



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