Poached free range chicken in fish sauce ไก่บ้านต้มน้ำปลา


This dish is a Thai version of soya chicken that is commonly found in Chinese cuisine. In Thai cuisine we use a lot of fish sauce in nearly every dish, and poached free range chicken in fish sauce (Kai Tom Num Pla)ไก่บ้านต้มน้ำปลา is a very popular dish. The dish is not difficult to make, it just needs a bit of time. This was my first time creating it but the result was very good.

For poached chicken

• 1 whole free range chicken

• 4-5 coriander roots that have been gently pounded

• 2 cloves of garlic, again gently ponded

• 2 cm length of turmeric, again gently pounded

• 1/2 cup of good fish sauce

• 1 tbsp palm sugar


>> Fill a big pot with water sufficient to cover the whole chicken
>> Add coriander root, garlic, turmeric, fish sauce and palm sugar, then bring to boil
>> Add the whole chicken and lower the heat. Poach for about 20 minutes
>> Fill another big bowl with icy cold water. Remove the chicken from the hot pot and place in the icy water for 10 minutes. This will help the chicken skin to firm and be soft inside
>> Remove the chicken and return it to the hot pot. Keep poaching the chicken for 30-45 minutes or until it is cooked
>> Take the chicken out and chop it into pieces. Serve with sauce and jasmine rice.


• Chop green and red chilli and add garlic
• Season with palm sugar, fish sauce and lime juice. Add a table spoon of the broth from the boiling chicken and top with coriander.



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