Poached pears in red wine แพร์ตุ๋นไวน์แดง


As mentioned in the post Slow-braised gravy beef I’m not into alcohol. After that dish I had some red wine left, so I had to look for something else to cook that uses red wine so I could finish it off 🙂

I came up with an idea to make poached pears. This is the recipe that I adapted from the “Pookhakae blog”.


Serves 2

• 2 Green pairs, peeled

• 500ml Red wine

• 1/2 A cup of orange juice

• 1/2 A cup of sugar or as desired to taste

• 1 Cinnamon stick

• 1 Star anise

  1.  Simply add red wine, orange juice, sugar, the cinnamon stick and star anise in a sauce pan small enough that the pears would be completely covered
  2. Cook on medium heat until it is boiling and the sugar is dissolved
  3. Decrease the heat right down and add pears to the sauce pan
  4. Poach pears for about 2hr until you get the beautiful red colour in the pears

Serve hot or cold.


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